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BlueStar Enterprises Achieved Good Marketing Results by Actively Enabling the "Cloud Model"
Source: 蓝星(集团)股份有限公司 Date: 2020-03-13

Taking "screens" as the media, orders were signed on the "cloud" instead of meeting in person. In the context of epidemic prevention and business management, a number of BlueStar enterprises have changed the marketing model from "offline meeting" to "online chatting", achieved the "cloud signing" through network, dug deep into sales channels, and promoted the construction with gratifying achievements.

Elkem Spark Silicones

Digital marketing platform achieved the sales of over RMB 400 million

Elkem Spark Silicones was constantly seeking transformation breakthrough in the crisis. The leaders had led the marketing team to study and judge the market for "joint consultation and prescription", and explored the market demand growth opportunities with innovate thinking. By means of online marketing, customer visits, "cloud" meetings, "cloud" mining, and "cloud" signing, in January and February, BlueStar enterprises had utilized the digital marketing platform to effectively develop customers, and cloud signed 1,079 orders, with a sales volume of over RMB 400 million.

Following the domestic epidemic dynamics, BlueStar enterprises delved into the industrial chain, took the initiative to adjust the customer structures, focused on the targeted market segment, identified silicone masks, respirators and other anti-epidemic products as the high-end application market segment of LSR8650 and HCR950UM series products, and further explored the sales opportunities of medical supplies; by sorting out customer demands of each market segment, all departments interacted closely, and captured market opportunities quickly; as a result, the sales of medical application products in January and February were increased by over 60% compared with the same period a year earlier. In order to meet the downstream customers' demand of sealing materials for the construction of "cabin hospitals", BlueStar enterprises urgently started additional production equipment while ensuring the safety of employees; in order to help downstream customers with production and work resumption, BlueStar enterprises donated sodium hypochlorite to more than 200 domestic customers for disinfection and epidemic prevention, further increasing the customer viscosity. In terms of overseas sales, BlueStar enterprises took advantage of global marketing network to maintain close "cloud communication" with overseas sales teams and customers, thereby ensuring stable sales in overseas markets. In February, the exports of siloxane products accounted for 42% of total monthly sales, an increase of 28% from a year earlier. The textile team successfully obtained the purchase intention orders by tapping the resources of potential foreign major customers.

Shenyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

"Wire to wire" and "Screen to Screen" Helped the Sales of Paste Resin Exceed RMB 200 Million

During the outbreak, the downstream enterprises were suffering from slow work resumption, hindered logistics, and failure of salesmen to travel etc., so that the product sales became difficult. To this end, all salesmen in Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. were keeping on working for optimum services and smooth channels, increasing sales efforts to maximum extent. Salesmen changed the "face to face" negotiation into "wire to wire" and "screen to screen" communication, plus online answers & consultation, efficient and professional feedback, and conducted the online "cloud signing" by means of network, emails, video calls etc., to achieve the corporate overall goals of work and production resumption, and 100% plant capacity application.

In the process of cloud sales, salesmen from Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. continuously adapted to the new situation and optimized new forms, strove to make customers get the best purchase experience, increased the customer viscosity, and accumulated valuable experience for the future development of sales channels through the online attempts during the epidemic period. Up to now, Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. has "cloud signed" 86 contracts, the sales of PVC paste resin as the leading product reached a new high in January and February.

China Bluestar Chengrand Co., Ltd.

Fighting the Epidemic and Seizing the Market, Gratifying to Sign Contracts Online

Thanks to online communication and business negotiation, China Bluestar Chengrand Co., Ltd. has continuously achieved "cloud signing", the engineering design contract and technology transfer contract one after another, thus making a good start in business.

In early February, the marketing personnel received a telephone call from the customer asking for professional engineering design services. Subject to the epidemic, all field visits and exchanges could not be made normally. Therefore, China Bluestar Chengrand Co., Ltd. quickly enabled the cloud office mode, studied and analyzed the customer demand and project background, conducted technical discussions with the customer, and actively promoted business negotiations.

Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center

Setting up the "Cloud Visit" Mode to Change into the Consultative Selling

Before the Spring Festival, Zhejiang Petrochemical Pretreatment Project (Phase II) of Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center had entered the technical agreement finalization stage. During the outbreak, technical support staff would be always online, working at home to deal with technical problems. Business Manager used the online platform to hold video conferences, communicate technical terms and fix the construction period with the Owner. By setting up the tripartite meeting, the Owner's procurement, technical directors and our business and technical experts were linked to the video conference platform, to finalize the technical route, implement the relevant data, and assign work tasks, thereby promoting the project implementation in an orderly way. Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center has signed the technical agreement of Zhejiang Petrochemical Pretreatment Project (Phase II).

Due to the suspension of international flights, to meet the needs of overseas customers, International Business Manager changed into the consultative selling, from "providing what you want" to "let's work what you want out". Instead of simple marketing, they stood in the customer's position to jointly find and develop the most appropriate solutions. From the first receipt of project information in early January to two technical solutions on February 1, they made detailed discussions with technical, business personnel and the Owner through teleconferencing. After several rounds of communication via emails and video conferences, the technical agreement for the Russian project was finally concluded.

Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co.Ltd

Special "Cloud Signing" Process to Help Enterprises with Electronic Bidding

In order to ensure the operation period, Beijing BlueStar's project team carried out network interfacing and video meetings for technical exchanges. With the aid of "cloud signing", the Environmental Engineering Business Department signed the Zero Emission Project of Zhongju New Materials. The Phase I was running in good condition, and the Phase II expansion was awarded the contract again; they were awarded the tender for a large state-owned petrochemical southwest oil service project.

China National Bluestar Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. immediately implemented the whole process of electronic bidding, developed the Methods and Detailed Rules for the Whole Process of Electronic Bidding of China National Bluestar Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (Revised Edition), and achieved the remote online bid opening and evaluation, without personnel gathering. Besides, technical means were employed to ensure that the judges can review and browse the bidding documents at the same time, documents cannot be downloaded and forwarded etc., realizing the whole process of electronic and networked approach, fully guaranteeing the smooth bidding during the epidemic, and saving related costs. Up to now, China National Bluestar Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has successfully organized and completed the bidding for Beijing BlueStar "West Tank Farm Demolition Project". Such innovative approach has also aroused the concern of many enterprises in the system, and the bidding for property leasing, industrial equipment procurement, engineering supervision and other projects is being carried out in an orderly way.

Lanzhou BlueStar Cleaning Co., Ltd.

Multi-pronged Approach Online to Promote the Project Operation

During the outbreak, Wang Ying and Yang Wenbin, Project Managers of Lanzhou BlueStar Cleaning Co., Ltd., were focusing on the cleaning project information; having protected themselves well, they went to Lanzhou Haishiwan affected area three times in succession for field survey of equipment scaling, then fed back the synchronous cleaning test results timely to customers through WeChat and emails etc., kept track of the project progress, and were ultimately awarded the tender for thermal coal system, boiler cleaning engineering of Fangda Carbon New Material Co.,Ltd.

Since February 5, Material Trade Department have been urgent to develop new upstream methanol customers, overcome mountains of difficulties, tried every means to contact the railway capacity despite the fully closed domestic road transport network, and successfully signed the orders of over 7,000t methanol by emails within two weekly only, and then delivered safely to Elkem Spark Silicones in time, providing a solid foundation for its work and production resumption.

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